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Egypt Media Roundup (May 15)

[An Egyptian Navy vessel during the rescue operation of a tourist boat in the Red Sea on Sunday, 14 May. Photo from the official Facebook page of the Egyptian army spokesman.] [An Egyptian Navy vessel during the rescue operation of a tourist boat in the Red Sea on Sunday, 14 May. Photo from the official Facebook page of the Egyptian army spokesman.]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every week.] 

Political Rights

Journalist interrogated, accused of insulting ‘luster’ of Supreme Judicial Council State Security Prosecution ordered the release of journalist Tarek Hafez on 5,000 LE bail after he was summoned for questioning on accusations of insulting the “luster” of the Supreme Judicial Council on Sunday. 

Court hands out less severe prison terms and acquits 21 in Rabea operations room retrial Cairo Criminal court handed out five-year prison terms to fifteen defendants and life sentences to three others, including Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, on Monday in the Rabea operations room retrial.

Egyptian court reduces jail terms for 9 Damietta protesters in Red Sea islands case A Damietta court has reduced the prison sentences of nine men convicted in the "Red Sea islands" case, reducing their sentences from one year to three months.

Judge who killed army conscript referred to court Top prosecutor Hesham Barakat referred on Thursday a judge accused of killing an army conscript to the criminal court, after the approval of the Supreme Judicial Council.

State Council disregards controversial chief judicial appointments law State Council judges unanimously nominated one candidate, Yehia Dakroury, for the position of council chief during a Saturday general assembly. The decision challenges the recently ratified chief judicial appointments law, which stipulates that three nominees must be presented by each judicial body within sixty days before the current head’s end of term.

Human rights defender Mohamed Zaree summoned to interrogation for first time since travel ban a year ago Head of the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies’ Cairo office Mohamed Zaree was summoned by an investigations judge Saturday for questioning on Monday

Filmmakers release film about rural Egypt online after censorship at Cairo festival The documentary film Azziara by Marouan Omara and Nadia Mounier in collaboration with Islam Kamal, was prevented from screening at the first edition of Zawya Cinema’s Arabic film festival Cairo Cinema Days on 10 May. According to a statement made by the festival organizers, the film, which explores perceptions of the Egyptian countryside, was not granted approval from the Censorship Board.

Cleric suspended for making inflammatory remarks about Christians on air The Endowments Ministry decided to suspend its former deputy minister Salem Abdel Gelil from giving Friday sermons on Wednesday, after he made inflammatory remarks against Coptic Christians.

Al-Azhar committee to draft law on countering hatred, violence Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyeb decided to form a committee to draft a law on countering hatred and violence committed in the name of religion to be headed by Mohamed abdel Salam, al-Azhar’s legislative and legal advisor.

Detainee with rare leishmaniasis infection to be returned to prison: Family The family of detainee Ahmed al-Khateeb, who suffers from the rare visceral leishmaniasis infection, were informed that their son will be transferred from hospital back to Wadi al-Natroun prison, according to a statement made by Khateeb’s sister on Monday.

Egypt's navy rescues 23 tourists from boat in Red Sea The Egyptian Navy has rescued twenty-three tourists on a boat near the coast of the Red Sea city of Hurghada, a military spokesman said Sunday.

Egypt's Doctors Syndicate suspends 3 members for endorsing untested Hep C device Egypt’s Doctors Syndicate suspended on Sunday three of its members for one year for advertising and promoting a device that allegedly treats hepatitis C and HIV that has not met the necessary scientific standards, "resulting in health and psychological damage to millions of citizens," a statement by the syndicate read on Sunday.

87% of Egyptian men believe women’s basic role is to be housewives: study Only one in four men in the Arab world and the Middle East believes in gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women, according the International Men and Gender Equality Study in the Middle East and North Africa.


Egyptian state is 'in a race' to provide essential goods at affordable prices: Sisi Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said on Sunday that the state is "in a race against time" to provide citizens with essential consumer goods at affordable prices, citing difficulties due to increasing rates of consumption.

Poultry, meat prices soar ahead of holy month of Ramadan The prices of poultry and beef increased madly before the month of Ramadan, as the kilo of poultry increased by three LE on Thursday to reach twenty-six LE for the live poultry, and thirty-one LE for frozen poultry.

Sisi attends inauguration of production of Egypt's West Delta gas fields Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi attended on Wednesday the inauguration of production at the West Nile Delta Project, the largest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea.

Egypt says IMF praises reform program after delegation visit The International Monetary Fund's mission concluded its visit to Cairo on Sunday during which the Fund conducted the first review of Egypt's economic reform program.

ILO delegation visits Egypt to review recent labor legislation A delegation from the International Labour Organization paid a visit to Egypt on Saturday to review recent labor legislation - on top of which is the Labor Law and the law on organizing trade unions, scheduled to be approved by the Parliament.

Egypt among top 50 spending countries for international tourism Egyptians achieved an increase in spending on foreign tourism by up to nineteen percent being on the list of the top fifty countries spending on foreign tourism.

Foreign Relations

Arab League chief says region's civil wars hamper development efforts Arab League Secretary General Ahmed abul Gheit blamed hampered economic growth and humanitarian development efforts in some countries on the presence of three civil wars current raging in the region.

Deutsche Welle responds to accusations of biased coverage, attempting to destabilize state Following a wave of attacks aimed at German international news service Deutsche Welle by mainstream Egyptian media outlets, which called it biased and claimed that it intends to destabilize the Egyptian state, the broadcaster’s top executives held a meeting in Cairo on Monday to formulate some responses.

Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia experts meet in Addis Ababa to discuss report on GERD impact studies Experts from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are holding talks in Addis Ababa with representatives from foreign consultancy firms to discuss an initial report by the firms on the effect of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam on downstream countries, Egypt's irrigation ministry said.

Egypt, Sudan reach agreement on movement and residency of nationals Egypt's foreign ministry announced an agreement between Egypt and Sudan that would fix problems faced by citizens of both countries over the past months regarding residency, freedom of movement and visa costs.

Egypt’s PM meets UK foreign and defence ministers, discusses cooperation Egypt's Prime Minister Sherif Ismail met on Wednesday British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson while participating in the London Somalia Conference in the UK capital.

Egypt rejects proposal to station Russian security at airports: Report A source at Egypt's Civil Aviation Ministry said on Saturday that his country rejected a proposal calling for stationing Russian security delegations at Egyptian airports that receive Russian aviation.

Domestic Security

Clashes escalate between Tarabin tribesmen and IS in North Sinai Eight members of the Tarabin tribe, one of North Sinai’s largest, were killed in ongoing clashes with the militants of the Islamic State-affiliate Province of Sinai, according to tribal leader Moussa al-Delh.

Islamic State militants say killed 15 tribesmen in North Sinai The Islamic State militant group claimed it killed fifteen tribesmen in North Sinai on Wednesday, in the latest episode of clashes between the militants and local tribes.

Egypt's army destroys large quantity of explosive materials, trench in North Sinai's Rafah: Spokesman Egypt's armed forces said on Wednesday that it was able to destroy a large amount of explosive material used by militants in North Sinai.


أسعار الغذاء ترفع التضخم السنوي لقرابة 33%.. وزيادة 7% في معدلات الفقر  The annual inflation rate jumped to 32.9 percent in April, the highest in decades according the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.

مميش»: 853.7 مليون دولار عائدات قناة السويس خلال مارس وإبريل 2017« The Suez Canal revenues recorded a steep increase by 4.1 percent during the past two months.

التجمع الخامس: الفشل العمراني وازدراء الإنسان Egypt’s urban environment has deteriorated over the last decades as a result of the state’s failed architectural policies and construction culture.

قانونيون: القبض على حبيب العادلي إلزامي.. ونشطاء: #العادلي_الحرامي_فين  Activists accuse the police’s failure to implement jail sentence against former minister Habib Al-Adly.

جولة جديدة يكسبها الأزهر ضد نظام السيسي  Parliament rejected a draft amendment bill on regulating the role of Al-Azhar and its bodies on grounds that it is unconstitutional.

مصر | «سلام مع إسرائيل وعداء لإيران»: السيسي يدخل النفق السعودي ــ الترامبي؟  Sisi’s latest tour to Gulf states ushers in a new regional role for Egypt as a mediator.

مقتل 30 مدني وإصابة نحو 28 آخرين بسيناء الشهر الماضي  In a statement issued on Sunday by the Sinai Organization for Human Rights, at least thirty civilians, including seven children and three women, were killed and twenty-eight others were injured in violations and attacks by Egyptian forces and militants most of them in the cities of Rafah and al-Arish during the month of April.

فتنة شرعية مرسى» تفجر أزمة جديدة داخل الإخوان« Rift among Brotherhood members widens as Muslim Brotherhood leading figure Mahmoud Ezzat dropped Morsi’s legitimacy demand in a recently drafted document.  

المركزى للإحصاء: مصر 93 مليون نسمة الإثنين المقبل  According to Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics Egypt’s population is expected to reach ninety-three million people by Monday.

بعد دعوة صباحي.. هل تنجح القوى السياسية في منافسة السيسي؟  Former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s call on political forces to nominate a single candidate for the coming presidential elections sparks mixed reactions.

بتهمة «الكتابة على الفيس بوك».. حكاية 6 نشطاء يواجهون الحبس  Six activists were detained over “Facebook post” charges, sparking much anger from human rights defenders.

أحكام الإعدام في مصر .. المرتبة الأولى عالمياً Egypt tops the world in issuing death penalty against political dissidents.

ضحايا قتلتهم الداخلية خلال يومين … التصفية الجسدية إعدام خارج القانون 10  Ten cases of extrajudicial execution were committed by police during two days, Egyptian Coordination of Rights and Freedoms said.

المسار الديمقراطي في مصر خلال إبريل 2017 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information published the fourth monthly report of 2017 documenting the continued crackdown on freedoms.

معدلات الإدمان في مصر.. الترامادول في الصدارة بنسبة %76.5 Drug addiction rate has been increasing significantly among Egyptians, according to Addiction Treatment and Abuse Fund report.

بيان: 223 صحفيا يتضامنون مع صحفيي الفجر ضد اتهام خدش الرونق.. ويطالبون بوقف الكفالات وإصدار قانون منع الحبس More than 200 journalists announced their solidarity with Mustafa Thabet and Tareq Hafez, journalists of Al-Fagr newspaper, accused of insulting the Supreme Judiciary Council, denouncing the intensification of libel charges against journalists.

About the Arabian Peninsula Page

Despite its regional and global significance, the Arabian Peninsula has played a tangential role in the study of the modern Middle East. Jadaliyya’s Arabian Peninsula Page seeks to further the debates on the region and its eighty million inhabitants from a myopic focus on statistics, conjecture, and religious violence to one on people and communities, everyday hardships and popular struggles, culture and politics. It will bring together scholars, writers, artists, bloggers, journalists, activists, and photographers who work on or live in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The goal is to provide an open and collaborative space for the production of knowledge on a region that has largely escaped critical engagement.

Arabian Peninsula Map and Stats

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Population (2016):                                         1,378,904
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                     66.37
GDP Per Capita ($US billions; 2016):                50,300 
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                      5
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2016):                4.59
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2016):                   95.7
Internet Users (/million; 2015):               1.259 (93.5%)


Population (2016):                                        2,832,776     
GDP ($ US billions; 2016):                                    301.1
GDP Per Capita ($ US billions; 2016):                71,300
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                   3.0
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                3.65
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  96.3
Internet Users (/million; 2015):               2.289 (82.1%)


Population (2016):                                        3,355,262 
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                    173.1      
GDP Per Capita ($US billions 2016):                 43,700
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                   3.6
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2016):             12.75
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  91.1
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              2.438 (74.2%)


Population (2016):                                        2,258,283
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                    156.6
GDP Per Capita ($US billions; 2016):              129,700
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2015):                   2.2
Military Expenditure (% of GDP 2008):                  2.3
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  97.3
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              2.039 (92.9%)


Population (2016):                                       28,160,273
GDP ($US trillions 2016):                                      1.731
GDP Per Capita ($US billions 2016):                  54,100
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                   4.7
Military Expenditure (% of GDP 2015):                13.5
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  94.7
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              19.32 (69.6%)


Population (2016):                                       5,927,482
GDP ($US billions 2016):                                     667.2
GDP Per Capita ($US billions 2016):                67,700
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2015):                 3.6
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):              5.66
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                93.8
Internet Users (/million; 2015)              5.274 (91.2%)


Population (2016):                                     27,392,779
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                    73.45
GDP Per Capita ($ US billions; 2016):                2,500
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                  5.6
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):               3.97
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  70.1
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              6.711 (25.1%)