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Maghreb Media Roundup (August 19)

[ ["A group of Sahrawis claim their right to self-determination in the Tindouf refugee camps". Alba Villén]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Maghreb and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Maghreb Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each roundup to]


Algerian presidency brings Ahmed Ouyahia back as prime minister After three months on the job, Abdelmajid Tebboune has been replaced by Ouyahia, who has already served three times as prime minister.

How this Algerian entrepreneur is recycling plastic waste Wamda, a platform for cultivating entrepreneurship ecosystems in the MENA region, features the story of a young entrepreneur who created a start up after searching for a job for two years.

البوليساريو تواصل استفزاز المغرب من الجزائر The Polisario continues to provoke Morocco from Algeria, reports the Moroccan electronic journal, Hespress.

سكان تمنراست على حافة العطش The population of Tamanrasset, a city in southern Algeria, are on the verge of thirst due to the high salinity of its water source.

La révolte du bikini en Algérie passionne les médias étrangers Women’s demands to wear the bathing suit of their choice have created a controversy in Algerian and French media.

Gaz: L'Algérie concurrencée sur le marché européen par les USA et le Maroc Algeria competes with the United States and Morocco in gas exports to the European Union.


Libye: La CPI délivre un mandat d'arrêt contre l'exécuteur de Benghazi, proche du Maréchal Haftar The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, a senior Libyan military commander, for war crimes in Benghazi.

A brief history of mixed marriages in Libya Farag Al Esha discusses the history of mixed marriages in Libya in the context of tribal structures.

Libya's mired in 'culture of impunity' Al-Jazeera interviews Libyan activist Ahmed el-Gasir about the current political and security situation in Libya.

Migrant aid group suspends rescue ship off Libya, cites risk Doctors without Borders temporarily suspended its rescue ship activity due to threats from Libya’s coast guard.

المعينون في قطاع الصحة أزمة أم حل؟ Six years of armed conflict in Libya have taken a toll on the health sector, which lacks adequate trained personnel.

ليبيا.. بلاد الخير والعيش الضنك Al Jazeera reports on the economic climate in Libya, focusing on issues of liquidity and economic recovery.


Mauritania votes to abolish senate by referendum 85% of Mauritanian voters sided with changes to abolish their senate and alter their national flag despite criticism from a boycott movement.

Restoring hope in Mauritania amidst a cross-border humanitarian crisis Mauritania’s Mbera camp serves as a refuge for thousands of Malians fleeing conflict and humanitarian emergencies.

موريتانيا تدين هجوم واغادوغو وتصفه بالإرهابي Mauritania condemned the recent attack that killed eighteen people in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on 13 August 2017.

Après le référendum du 5 Août: Prochaine étape?  Mauritanian newspaper Le Calame predicts President Ould Abdel Aziz’s next steps in the wake of the referendum.

Des jeunes élargissent leurs activités en dehors de la politique pour toucher le domaine humanitaire A youth group led an awareness campaign about voting during the last referendum and decided to further its activity by encouraging micro-projects among Mauritanian youth.


Morocco: Dozens arrested over mass protests in Rif report torture in custody Amnesty International calls on Moroccan authorities to investigate torture claims of people arrested in mass protests in the North.

Devastating verdicts issued after a sham trial in Morocco A Sahrawi activist and former detainee reacts to verdicts issued in a retrial against political prisoners who were charged with violent resistance against Moroccan security forces during 2010 clashes at Gdeim Izik.

انتقادات لمنع الاعتكاف بالمغرب The Moroccan opposition movement Adl wal Ihsan (Justice and Spirituality) criticizes authorities for banning 'i'tikaaf (a practice of staying in a mosque for a long period of time for worship) for security reasons.

عبد الكريم غلاب.. "الاستقلالي" صاحب "مات قرير العين" Moroccans mourn the death of Abdelkrim Ghallab, an important Moroccan literary and political figure.

Comment le Maroc peut gagner le pari du développement durable As Morocco continues to develop a national strategy of sustainable development, Youssef Gerraoui Filali advocates inter-institutional cooperation and decentralization.

Au Maroc, un décret controversé sur le travail des "petites bonnes" Non governmental organizations criticize a new decree that legalizes the housework of young girls between 16 and 18 years old.  


Communiqué : Stop au bateau raciste en Tunisie The Tunisian Forum for Social and Economic Rights released a communiqué against racist efforts to stop migrants from crossing the Mediterranean.

Tunisie: une délégation de l'UGTT en visite de soutien à la Syrie de Bachar al-Assad   A Tunisian trade union delegation met with Bachar al-Assad to push for the resumption of diplomatic relations.

يناير 2011 مازال حياً نابضاً في مبادرات الشباب التونسي Six years after the Jasmine Revolution, youth activists are still campaigning for liberation, justice, progress, and enlightenment.

دعوة السبسي للمساواة بين المرأة والرجل في الإرث تثير جدلا في تونس Tunisian president Essebsi stirs up controversy, calling for gender equality in inheritance.

The Kamour Movement and Civic Protests in Tunisia Tunis based political analyst Youssef Cherif examines the reasons behind the success of protests associated with sit-ins around the Kamour pump station for oil extraction.

The secret Beylical palaces of Tunisia, a forgotten heritage While Tunisia is trying to boost tourism, Beylical palaces remain abandoned and dilapidated.

Western Sahara

Sahrawis' choice: Subjugation or exile in Western Sahara As the conflict enters in its fourth decade, Sahrawis continue to suffer from human rights abuses and violence.

Université d'été des cadres de la RASD: redoubler d'efforts pour gagner l'opinion publique mondiale à la cause Sahraouie During the Polisario Front’s ‘summer school,’ Sahrawis decided to focus on influencing international community and public opinion.

La persistance de la situation au Sahara occidental menace la sécurité et la stabilité au niveau régional et international Jatri Adduh, Speaker of the Sahrawi National Council, affirmed that the ongoing conflict threatens regional and international security.

في رسالة إلى رئيس البرلمان الأوروبي، رئيس الجمهورية يؤكد : المحاكم المغربية ليست لها أية سلطة قضائية على المسائل المتعلقة بالصحراء الغربية In a letter to the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic affirmed that Moroccan courts have no judicial authority over matters related to the Western Sahara.

Recent on Jadaliyya

تونسيات محرومات من اختيار أزواجهن Tunisian journalist Mabrouka Kathir comments on women’s freedom of choice in marriage, which is limited by a 1973 decree that prohibits Tunisian women from marrying non-Muslim men.

حراك الريف: النظام يراهن على الحسم الأمني Moroccan journalist Imad Stitou analyzes the Makhzen’s response to the Hirak movement in Northern Morocco 

Sur l'utilité de se concentrer sur Alger Rachid Sidi Boumedine replies to his commentators by explaining why his book focuses on shantytowns, specifically in Algiers.

في صحبة ابن رشد: الفلسفة فن عيش وأسلوب تعبير حجاجي An essay reflecting on the relevance and purpose of philosophy today.

مسار الحراك المثلي في تونس: مقابلة لمجلة الوضع مع بدر بَعبو Status Audio journal hosts an interview with activist Badr Baabou about gender and homosexuality in Tunisia.

A Lyrical Cruise in Tunis Lana Salman’s field notes from pre-dissertation fieldwork in Tunis.

About the Arabian Peninsula Page

Despite its regional and global significance, the Arabian Peninsula has played a tangential role in the study of the modern Middle East. Jadaliyya’s Arabian Peninsula Page seeks to further the debates on the region and its eighty million inhabitants from a myopic focus on statistics, conjecture, and religious violence to one on people and communities, everyday hardships and popular struggles, culture and politics. It will bring together scholars, writers, artists, bloggers, journalists, activists, and photographers who work on or live in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The goal is to provide an open and collaborative space for the production of knowledge on a region that has largely escaped critical engagement.


Arabian Peninsula Map and Stats

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Population (2016):                                         1,378,904
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                     66.37
GDP Per Capita ($US billions; 2016):                50,300 
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                      5
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2016):                4.59
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2016):                   95.7
Internet Users (/million; 2015):               1.259 (93.5%)


Population (2016):                                        2,832,776     
GDP ($ US billions; 2016):                                    301.1
GDP Per Capita ($ US billions; 2016):                71,300
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                   3.0
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                3.65
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  96.3
Internet Users (/million; 2015):               2.289 (82.1%)


Population (2016):                                        3,355,262 
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                    173.1      
GDP Per Capita ($US billions 2016):                 43,700
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                   3.6
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2016):             12.75
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  91.1
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              2.438 (74.2%)


Population (2016):                                        2,258,283
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                    156.6
GDP Per Capita ($US billions; 2016):              129,700
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2015):                   2.2
Military Expenditure (% of GDP 2008):                  2.3
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  97.3
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              2.039 (92.9%)


Population (2016):                                       28,160,273
GDP ($US trillions 2016):                                      1.731
GDP Per Capita ($US billions 2016):                  54,100
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                   4.7
Military Expenditure (% of GDP 2015):                13.5
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  94.7
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              19.32 (69.6%)


Population (2016):                                       5,927,482
GDP ($US billions 2016):                                     667.2
GDP Per Capita ($US billions 2016):                67,700
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2015):                 3.6
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):              5.66
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                93.8
Internet Users (/million; 2015)              5.274 (91.2%)


Population (2016):                                     27,392,779
GDP ($US billions; 2016):                                    73.45
GDP Per Capita ($ US billions; 2016):                2,500
Health Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):                  5.6
Military Expenditure (% of GDP; 2014):               3.97
Adult literacy rate (% age 15+; 2015):                  70.1
Internet Users (/million; 2015):              6.711 (25.1%)